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MHA Booster Box (24) S6 Jet Burn

MHA Booster Box (24) S6 Jet Burn

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The New #1 Pro Hero is Tested…
The MY HERO ACADEMIA COLLECTIBLE CARD GAME: Jet Burn release features 17 new characters to build decks around including the introduction of Hawks and Hood as well as a new version of Endeavor.
With over 150 new cards, this set is sure to fly fast!

CONTENTS • 24 – Series 6 Jet Burn Booster packs, each containing 11 cards • Each booster pack contains 1 character card, 6 commons, 3 uncommons, and one of the following: Foil Rare, Foil Ultra Rare, or Foil Secret Rare

KEY SELLING POINTS • Limited edition Chrome Rares appear in this set as exciting treatments of character cards! • New card frame treatments show off more of the great art, especially on more rare cards! • A number of fan favorite characters will make their first appearance in this set! • Jet Burn contains 6 different powerful Secret Rares to enhance your decks
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