About Us

Java Game Haus is a board game cafe.  For a $3 play fee per person, you can game all day.  Your play fee entitles you to use our board game library of over 800 titles, dry-erase mats for role playing games, terrain for role playing or miniature wargaming, and basic lands and score pads for Magic-the-Gathering.


A play fee is a necessary part of the board game cafe business model. Standard industry pricing for board game cafes around the globe ranges between $5.00 and $12.00 per person, with many cafes charging a per hour price or limiting table space and game play time.

Our pricing is all inclusive and lasts for the entire day for just $3! You can play as many games as you like, and even leave and come back later in the day if you’d like as well.

Board game cafes work from a play fee model, because, unlike a standard cafe or restaurant, we actively encourage our customers to come in and stay for a while, reducing the "table turns" on which restaurants normally rely. The game play fee helps us to pay our staff a fair wage and helps to keep our space safe and sanitized for all.

The play fee also allows us to replace games that are worn out, replace missing or worn out pieces, grow our board game library, and provide specialized gaming tables and equipment.

For our frequent customers, we also offer the convenience of an annual membership which waives play fees for the named member for a year (along with other perks listed below).

*Play fees are waived when attending ticketed events or when renting a private room or the event center.


A Java Game Haus Annual Membership saves you big bucks on table fees, and offers exclusive discounts, sales and more.  Just $99 per year per person.

Membership perks include the following:

  • Unlimited game play fees (excluding special events and tournaments)
  • 10% discount on all purchases (excluding singles, used, charity products, consignment, and event tickets)
  • Ability to call ahead to reserve a table