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Maple Valley (Kickstarter)

Maple Valley (Kickstarter)

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  • 1-5 Players
  • 60 Minutes
  • Ages 8+
  • BGG Weight 2.33

The Maple Valley Kickstarter edition comes with 2 mini-expansions packaged inside the box as well as many wooden resources and Game Trayz inserts.

Feathered Friends Mini-Expansion - gives you a whole new way to travel around the board and do actions in different ways. Mix into the Friends deck and make a pile of feathers. They don't use the trails to travel, each one describes how it moves. Each one also has a powerful ability that you activate in addition to activating the location you arrive at. Whenever you arrive at a location with any feathers, gather them for free. Feathers could as wild curiosities. Roaming Raven Mini-Expansion - The raven is an independent pawn that roams the valley. Whenever you travel to the Raven's location via a trail (never a zoom), you can make one free tree - any resource for any other! Then the raven exits the location along the trail you entered.

  • 180 wooden resources
  • 1 wooden worm
  • 50 wooden player markers
  • Game Trayz custom game inserts
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