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5/25 Warhammer Monthly

5/25 Warhammer Monthly

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Entry: $25

Event begins at Noon on Saturday May 25th

10 Player Capacity

3 round swiss - 2 hour long games with 10 min break in-between rounds to move minis and setup.

1000 point games. Played on 44"x60" Leviation tournament layouts

Army list will be required at check in.


Battle ready armies will receive an additional 10 points to final scoring

  • No fully proxies or printed models
  • Kit bashes are allowed, model has to be at least 80% GW product
  • Models must be on legal 10th edition base sizes
  • Please keep custom modifications sfw

Prize support: Entry fees pooled and split across top 3 in store credit, along with additional minis for first and second place to choose from.

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